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HOT MIKADO REVIEW - The Association of Community Theatre

Director Adam Whittle, Musical Director Simon Murray, Dance Director Jane Wood

This joyous explosion of Gilbert and Sullivan’s Mikado was discharged with cool style. Sullivan’s music swung and swung, the band not only accompanied but was a solo player.

The choreography endorsed the mood and feeling of the piece “burning the floor”. 

The director took the production out of its theatrical confines giving the cast a free hand. There was an open stage with the band upstage under a two tier scaffolding structure which allowed the action to continue while the company had the stage to feel the groove. 

Taking the show that extra mile, light and sound created atmosphere and mixed a “wall of sound”. The final elements of costumes hair and make-up gave all the characters identity.  

Gilbert’s script was left very much intact and to hear this young cast deliver it and get the audience reaction as they did it was a tribute to the quality of his work. Sam Berrie delivered an engaging Nanki-Poo, the one who he breaks all the rules for, Yum-Yum, was performed with great effect by Hannah Lawson. The other maids from school Peep-Bo (Maia Van Spall) and Pitti-Sing (Grace Stubbs) were given all the necessary vocal and dramatic dynamics. Will Poyser as the Lord high everything else Pooh-Bah and Max Fone as Pish-Tush delivered their roles with great conviction. 

Another well observed performance came from Caitlin Goman.  As Katisha Caitlin pulled out all the stops. Full of youthful bite and charisma Dom Sutton created an entertaining Ko-Ko and made the most of the comedic moments. 

The energy of the show from the young performers never flagged and they gleefully swept the audience along.                           

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