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Lorraine Millward - 06/03/19 

You were brilliant! We really enjoyed it 🤗

Vanessa Cockburn - 09/03/19

What a talented group of youngster's. Well done on a great show this afternoon. All the best for your final performance tonight.

Lisa Wilcockson - 07/03/19

What a super show. You were all phenomenal tonight. I thought you couldn’t beat your performance of Cats but you smashed it. Well done one & all 

Arnie and Hilary - 09/03/19

My wife and I have just got back from today's  matinee performance.  Absolutely brilliant! We both so enjoyed it. Congratulations to everyone associated with it and best of luck for the future.

Best regards

Arnie and Hilary

Norma Kennedy - 09/03/19

42nd Street. What an amazing show you have put on. I have been to watch it twice this week  and have thoroughly enjoyed it.  It is hard to believe that this is a youth organisation as it is so professionally organised. The cast were brilliant, the costumes vibrant, and it had me tapping away to the music. Well done everyone. Can’t wait for next years show.

Edward Beresford - 14/03/18 

Such a fantastic performance from all of the cast! I went every night and was as mesmerised on night two as I was on night one. I absolutely loved the finale. You have such a talented bunch of young people that everyone must be so proud of them. It really was a performance to behold. Heres to next year! Well done and congratulations to all concerned.

Katrina Gatto - 12/03/18

CATS 2018

Wow what an amazing show.
I cant begin where to start - the energy that the kids had from the start was amazing and this continued right to the end. The Orchestra,choreography, singing, costumes, make up and stamina were 100% on point. You should ALL be exceptionally proud of yourselves and cherish the memories and friendships that will live with you forever. Role on 2019 - New show & memories to be made!!! Well done xxx

Claire Beresford - 10/03/18

What an amazing week I've had watching Tempo CATS! The cast are mesmerising. Each one so talented and believable. I booked to go a couple of times, then went back and got tickets for every night. It was truly magical! Harmonies, solos, ensemble pieces that were just gloriously powerful. The choreography fitted the music so well, and was seamless. Each cat moved in their own particular feline way! Loved it! What an emotional rollercoaster! Shouldn't be surprised though as year after year TEMPO create shows of the highest calibre. Beats West End any day. Thanks so much to all the people involved. What an outstanding team effort!

Norma Kennedy - 09/03/18

Took my 12 year old grandson to watch CATS on Thursday evening. What a brilliant show the company puts on. It was packed with entertainment from start to finish. Great voices, perfect dance moves and brilliant make up and costumes. We were very impressed with the enthusiasm of all the youths taking part. We will certainly be purchasing tickets to all other events in the future. Well done everyone. We applaud you.

Alison Geary - 08/03/18

I enjoyed my first visit to a TEMPO show last night and was astounded by the highly professional production of CATS.
What a talented bunch of performers with voices to capture you throughout every moment of the performance.
If you havn't been before, or even if you have ..... Do go again ... they are superb !!!

Maria Rushton - 08/03/18

I saw Cats last night - WOW! An amazing show with some truly talented young singers and dancers. Congratulations to everyone involved - you should all be very proud.

Ed Beresford - 14/03/17

Watched the performances of Fame at the Wilmslow Leisure Centre and I was blown away!! What a marvellous bunch of talented youngsters. Faultless and absolutely brilliant performances. Very well done to all concerned.

Arnie and Hil - 15/03/16

Went to matinee of Starlight Express last Saturday afternoon - BRILLIANT! Roll on March 2017 and Fame.

Gill and Chris Wright - 11/03/16

My husband and I went to see Starlight Express last night. Absolutley fabulous! It is hard enough to get on stage and sing, dance, act and remain in character but to skate aswell!!! We thoroughly enjoyed it! We thought Rusty was excellent!! Well done everyone!!

Mandy Salem - 09/03/16

'STARLIGHT EXPRESS' What an amazing opening night finished off with a standing ovation ! I have to say I was a little apprehensive when the show was announced last year, especially as alot of the cast couldn't skate, but once again TEMPO have delivered an outstanding performance and a huge well done must go to everyone involved... Can't wait to see it again on Saturday.

Andrew Wild - 26/03/15

Life deals you good hands occasionally. As a director and writer for a local theatre company, I'm not a fan of 'youth' theatre and very choosy about musicals (I enjoy very few, to be honest) so it was with some trepidation that I took my 12-year old daughter to Tempo Theatre's production of Les Miserables by 10-20 year olds in a converted sports hall in Wilmslow a week or two back. We couldn't get tickets, so we chanced the returns queue and picked up the last two about 2 minutes before curtain up. 

I'm happy to report that the production was fabulous, with three leads in particular (Valjean, Fantine and Eponine) being nothing less than outstanding, and with very strong performances from the Thenardiers, Marius and Javert. Tightly directed, well-lit, slick and carefully edited from the overlong West End show (30 minutes or more were cut), I'm not ashamed to admit that I cried like a baby most of the way through. But then it's no secret that I'm a soppy get. 

Full marks all round for an inspirational production of a challenging musical.

Linda - 17/03/15

I brought my mum to see the show on Saturday as part of her Mothers Day treat! It really was amazing, I've seen Les Mis 5 times in the West End, including a show with the opening cast. It was really hard to believe that the performance on Saturday was an amateur performance. Do we really have to wait 12 months to hear some of these voices again, or will they be performing anywhere else locally? Let's hope so!

Clare Morgan - 15/03/15

Everyone involved in this year's performance should be so proud of themselves. It was an absolutely fabulous show. Thank you for great night out.

Arnie and Hil - 14/03/15

Just seen the afternoon matinee of Les Mis. Absolutely 1st class and fully deserved the standing ovation. Congrats to everyone involved and best of luck to all for the future.

Caroline Munro - 14/03/15

I have just been to the matinee performance of Les Miserables - I though tI had gone to the *West End* for the afternoon!! 
The performance was absolutely stunning from every perspective. Special mentions apart from every cast member, should go to the Musical Director and Choreographer.
How privileged we are to have the "West End" on our doorstep, with ticket prices at a quarter of the cost too!.
Can't wait for next years production. Many congratulations to everyone involved. It was a truly wonderful afternoons entertainment.

Rosemary and Jim Wakeford - 13/03/15

Congratulations to everyone involved with Les Miserables!! We watched it with friends on Wednesday and thought it was utterly stunning. The principals were outstanding, the choral singing was awesome, the lighting and staging were impressive, and the whole production was truly exceptionall. It was hard to believe that we were watching young people and not professional adults - they were so convincing. Bravo!!

Don Riseley - 11/03/15

Les Mis - what a fantastic night. I have been involved with AmDram for most of my life and can truthfully state that this is the best amateur show I have ever seen. There is many a professional outfit that could not have done as well. Congrats to you all.

Carol Gatto-Hall - 11/03/15

What a wonderful first night for TEMPO's production of Les Miserables. I am so glad that I have booked tickets for Saturday as well! To the leading roles - there was not one weak performance and how lucky you are that the chorus performed with the same vigour; they didn't put a foot wrong. I have to mention the TEMPO committee you must be very proud of what you have achieved. You have given Wilmslow and Alderley Edge a society to be proud of. From myself and the team at Peter Herds of Wilmslow it is an honour to be a sponsor and that will continue for many years to come. P.S. Can't wait for Saturday!

Mandy Salem - 23/03/14

GREASE .... Another fabulous performance from TEMPO!. Well done everyone and I'm already looking forward to next years performance...whatever it may be.

Heidi Summer - 12/03/14

Superb opening night, not always achievable. Thank you all for a brilliant performance of Grease.

Clare Morgan - 06/03/13

Thank you for another wonderful production. The standard is always overwhelmingly high.

David Citrine - 18/03/13

Just wanted to pass on my congratulations on a great production of Miss Saigon, which I saw on Saturday at the matinee performance. I was astonished at the standard of production and the talent within the cast. Well done indeed to all involved.

I fully understand the challenges of putting together a production of this scale and the dedication necessary to make it happen. I'm looking forward to your next production.

Congratulations again !
David Citrine
Head of Enquiries, Advocacy and Communications, Arts Council England

Becky Pickford - 18/03/13

Just a quick note to congratulate the fabulous cast of ‘Miss Saigon’ March 2013. My colleagues and I came to see this performance last Tuesday and we not only thoroughly enjoyed the show but were extremely impressed by the very high level of talent displayed not only by the Principals, whose voices were amazing, but right through the entire cast of these talented young performers. Special thanks to Pat Pinnock for your hospitality

Becky – Huey Team []

Sophie Summers - 16/03/13

Having just seen the production of Miss Saigon I felt I had to write & congratulate you all on an incredibly mature & high standard performance. I was blown away by the quality of the talent, it was an amazing show!

I can't imagine the amount of work that must have gone into putting it together, but thank you all for a magical evening. See you next year!

The Spiers Family - 21/10/12

I would like to pass on a message of thanks to Tempo and how encouraging the society is to youngsters. The society nurtures and encourages all members of the society to shine no matter where their talent lies. 

The Fielding Family - 21/10/12

TEMPO is a fantastic group which offers opportunities to all in numerous ways. Every year a fabulous show is produced - a credit to all the behind the scenes staff and the children themselves. We as a family enjoy TEMPO and for a very small fee each year, our daughter has a whale of a time singing and dancing every week. Thank You TEMPO

Tony and Caroline Mottram - 21/03/11

Our son Bryan played Bernado in the recent production of West Side Story. We came to watch the production on the sat evening - impressed doesn't even cover how we felt watching it, we cried obviously when Bryan(Bernado) was killed in the 1st half, but when he came out and did the ballet sequence he just blew us away - they all did. 
We dropped Bryan off twice each weekend from Oldham and were absolutely blown away by how hard everyone had worked on getting this show together. 
We want to congratulate each and every one of you who made it possible, WELL DONE !!!

Darren and Clare Jones - 20/03/11

Just wanted to say thank you for such a fantastic show. Sam has had the best week ever, he absolutely loved being part of Scamps and doing West Side. We (and all the people who came to watch Sam) were overwhelmed with the quality of the show; the energy and enthusiasm of the cast and crew alongside their talent made it so special. I can't imagine how much work went into the organization and hope that once the exhaustion fades that it feels worth it! 

Thanks again and looking forward to the next show!

Shirley Moss - 18/03/10

To all the cast, crew and committee

I am just writing to say how much we enjoyed the performance of Footloose on Saturday. Everything about it was really professional - the dancing, singing, acting, sound and light - what a lot of young talent you have! It was also great to be aware of the orchestras presence (so often taken for granted).

Congratulations to everyone involved on a very successful show

Shirley Moss (Gemma Suttons mum)

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