CATS 2018

Your invitation to the Jellicle Ball...

"Jellicle cats come out tonight, Jellicle cats come one, come all. The jellicle moon is shining bright, Jellicles come to the jellicle ball"

This March TEMPO are bringing Jellicle Cats to Wilmslow! Our cast are hard at work in rehearsals learning what a Jellicle Cat is and we invite you to join us at the Jellicle Ball to find out for yourself! 

Tickets are now on sale and you can book here to avoid disappointment! 

Tel: 07969 176148

The cost of staging a show is in the region of £25,000. Ticket sales cover some of the cost and the shortfall is made up from our generous Patrons, Sponsors, Advertisers, Grants and Fundraising. If you would like to become a patron or sponsor of TEMPO please email via the contact page. We are indebted to The Evans Arts Trust and Cheshire East Council for their continued support. 

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